AIMP v4.02.1711 Multilenguaje
8.21 MB | Spanish Incl. | Free | Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8 (8.1)/10
AIMP es un potente reproductor de audio para nuestro ordenador. Esta aplicación nos permite reproducir canciones y todo tipo de archivos de audio en múltiples formatos como MP3, OGG y WMA entre otros, así como editar todos los aspectos de la reproducción gracias a su panel de ecualizador. AIMP incluye también otras muchas ayudas y funciones para el usuario, como son una completa lista de reproducción, la posibilidad de editar las etiquetas, un completo sistema de conversión del formato de los ficheros y un sistema de grabación de audio.
AIMP v4.02, build 1711 (17.04.2016)
Sound Engine: added support for Wave64 file format (PCM and IEEE_FLOAT codecs are supported)Sound Engine: spectrum data has a logarithmic scale now
Sound Engine: spectrum data is now calculates for hearing range of frequencies only (20 Hz – 20 KHz)
Playlist: an ability to switch playlist via context menu of the playlist tab
UI: Table Elements – changing the sorting direction of column that used in data grouping affects now to groups position too
Plugins: Analog Meter – all textures adapted for FullHD screensFixed: AudioConverter – MP3 – the VBR Header was not stored to the target file
Fixed: AudioConverter – MP3 – the Joint Stereo mode is always used if bitrate mode is set to the CBR / ABR
Fixed: DSP Manager – volume normalization settings are resets too when reset sound effects settings
Fixed: Album Arts – cache manager does not take value of the Year tag field into account
Fixed: Player – Internet Radio – the HTML-codes displays instead of human-readable text for some radio stations
Fixed: Player – the “0.00 db” value of the ReplayGain field recognized by player as undefined
Fixed: Playlist – an error occurs if cancel the input query for name for new playlist during import the file from external application operation
Fixed: Skin Engine – TASESpectrumDisplay – column count changes after resize the element
Fixed: Skin Engine – window resize rectangle does not snap to monitor edge if taskbar is hidden
Fixed: Music Library – the “(show all)” command ignores alphabetic index
Fixed: Music Library – filters – the “contains” operator is case sensitive for non-latin characters
Small bugs were fixed



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