IndigoRose Visual Patch v3.8.1.0
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VisualPatch es una rápida y eficiente solución para los programadores que deseen crear parches binarios de diferencia para programas, de forma segura. Simplifique la administración de las versiones de sus programas y convierta la manera complicada de administrar puntos de actualización en algo totalmente automatizado. VisualPatch tiene entre sus características los más recientes algoritmos de diferenciación y compresión binarias. Esto le garantiza parches para programas más pequeños y de mejor rendimiento. Los algoritmos que emplea VisualPatch fueron desarrollados específicamente por sus impresionantes características de velocidad. Mientras que el parcheo de los programas era antes un proceso notablemente lento y tedioso, las empresas que han optado por VisualPatch poseen una clara ventaja.
A diferencia de otros productos, la capacidad de VisualPatch de parchear el historial completo permita actualizar cualquier versión de su programa a la última versión. Usted tiene un control total sobre qué versiones de sus programas pueden ser parcheadas con un sólo fichero ejecutable. Sus usuarios no tendrán que preocuparse de encontrar múltiples parches y de aplicarlos en el orden correcto, como tendrían que hacer si usted usara otras herramientas de parcheo menos sofisticadas.
Some features of Visual Patch 3.6 include…DeltaMAX Binary Differencing
Other tools can stall out on files as small as 40 MB. Visual Patch can make quick work of gigabyte sized files. State-of-the-art DeltaMAX binary differencing compression creates the smallest possible patch files in less time than ever before.Full-History Patches
Update any previous version of your software to the latest release with one patch file. Dramatically simplifies the patching process for users. Intelligent full-history patching algorithms can update multiple older versions to the latest release from a single patch file.Rollback Protection
Patches can back up any modified files and automatically ‘roll back’ to the originals if an error occurs or a user aborts the patching process.

Sophisticated Version Management
Quickly and easily add, remove and organize all your product versions using the drag and drop workspace. Makes it easy to manage all your software releases from one environment.

Project Wizard Quick Start
Walks you through the creation of a professional software patch complete with customized dialogs, multiple methods of version detection and rollback.

100% Data Integrity & Security Features
Unlike a full software installer, patch files contain only the data needed to update older versions – making them ideal for public website distribution. Data security and integrity is ensured through a combination of 128-bit MD5 hashing, CRC-32 checksums and encryption standards.

Powerful Scripting Engine
A powerful scripting engine with more than 250 high-level actions gives unprecedented control over the software patching system. Features everything from registry editing to web script interaction, file downloads and more.

Customizable User Interface
A library of over twenty different screens (plus graphical skinning system) makes it easy to control the user interface of your patches. There are pre-built layouts to handle just about any task you can imagine, and it’s easy to adjust them to fit your needs exactly.

International / Multilingual Language Support
A unique language selector is included on each screen dialog, making it easy to create multilingual user interfaces and modify translations at will.

Interactive or Silent Operation
Supports the creation of both fully-interactive “wizard based” patches or completely automatic patches that operate silently without displaying any user interface at all.

Advanced System Editing
Advanced system-changing capabilities are built right in. Query the Registry, modify INI files, perform file searches, interact with web scripts, explore folders, delete and rename files, and more.

Authenticode Support
Codesign your patches with integrated support for Authenticode certificates signing.

Unattended Builds
Visual Patch fits seamlessly into your automated build processes with features like build constants and pre/post build processes.

Reports and Logs
Improved HTML-based project reports and text-based install-time log files give you an accurate record of your patch. New options let you control the level of detail being logged, including options for recording errors and script execution details.

Themes & Skinning System
Choose from dozens of pre-made themes (skins) for your dialogs or make your own. It’s as easy as viewing a live dialog preview and picking your favorite style. Configure everything from fonts and banner images to body/background graphics, control colors and more.

Integrates with TrueUpdate
Visual Patch is an integral component of Indigo Rose’s software deployment suite. For a complete and fully integrated end-to-end solution, we’d recommend using Visual Patch in conjunction with Setup Factory (software installation) and TrueUpdate (automated “check-for-update” feature).

Lightweight and Self-Contained
Creates self-extracting executable patches that are compact, optimized, and completely self-contained, with no external dependencies or extras to distribute.

Fully Compatible
Make a single patch file that is compatible with all Windows systems, including Vista, XP, Server 2003, 2000, ME, 98 and 95.

Comprehensive Documentation
The software ships with an extensive command reference help file and a 285-page user’s guide in PDF format.

World-Class Support
Indigo Rose stands behind its products with a refreshingly personal approach to technical support. We’ll treat you like the valued customer that you are.

Best Value
Compare it to other tools. Visual Patch 3.6 is easy to use, provides next generation technology, has superior technical support and is priced lower than competitive products

Indigo Rose Software products are trusted by over 20,000 software developers worldwide where our runtimes ultimately reach millions of desktops.


Con el fin de construir parches, un desarrollador requiere:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 o Windows 8
  • 1 GB de RAM
  • 1024 × 768 resolución de pantalla
  • 5 GB de espacio libre en disco duro

Con el fin de ejecutar los parches, el usuario final requiere:

  • Ventanas 95/98/Me/NT4 (SP6) / 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • 500 MB de RAM
  • 800 × 600 resolución de pantalla
  • 1 GB de espacio libre en disco duro

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